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Liberate yourself from that torture device you're sitting in now with the Humanscale Liberty Chair!

We offer a lot of different ergonomic chairs here at The Human Solution. When speaking to people about chairs every day, I find that many of our customers are often looking for modern office chairs that offer great back support and are easy to use and adjust. If that’s what you’re looking for, let me point you to the Humanscale Liberty Chair.

The one-of-a-kind Liberty Chair seamlessly blends elegant, progressive style with state-of-the-art ergonomic technology. Unlike many ergonomic chairs, the Liberty Chair offers excellent back support without the need for a lot of locks and levers. This is an easy-to-use and incredibly intuitive chair that looks sharp and will keep you feeling comfortable and healthy all day. [ Read more ]


The Ergonomics of: Yoga

Everyone who’s held an office job has heard of ergonomics – the idea that proper positioning and maintaining your comfort as you work will minimize injuries and health issues associated with long hours of doing repetitive tasks. Usually you hear about it in an office setting, but what about outside of your 9-5? There are […]

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Taking the Fright Out of Freight: Shipping Options for Your UPLIFT Desk

You’ve selected all of the options on your UPLIFT Desk, from the size of the desktop to the color of the frame, but there’s still one more choice to be selected: the shipping method. Unless you’re fortunate enough to live within easy driving distance of our central Texas showroom, your UPLIFT desk order will be […]

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A Clean Desk is a Happy Desk: How to Maintain Your UPLIFT Standing Desk

That new desk of yours is like a puppy. It sits, stays, and is oddly adorable in the right setting. It won’t fetch or roll over, but you can still cuddle with it. Not too hard, as we don’t want cuddle related injuries on our conscience. Another thing that puppies are well known for is […]

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If You Can’t Trash It, Convert It!

Everybody wants to upgrade their desks now, it seems, but not everyone is able to do away with their old desk setup. Those stubborn office bureaucracies tend to make everything more difficult. As much as you’d probably like to take an ax to that fixed height abomination, there are solutions that are much less violent. […]

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Ergonomic Chair Review: The Nightingale CXO 6200 Mesh Chair

The Nightingale CXO 6200 Mesh Chair doesn’t always get the appreciation it deserves. You may be wonder then why we bothered to write a blog about it. Good question. To clarify, the Nightingale CXO 6200 is rarely mentioned in the same breath with other notable chairs like the Humanscale Freedom Chair or the Raynor Ergohuman […]

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Ergonomic Mice for the Left-Handed User

Lefties of the world are often at a disadvantage when it comes to common products. From scissors that don’t cut and pens that don’t write, to spiral notebooks that leave indentions in your arm and mice that no longer work intuitively once they’re moved to the left side of the desk, left-handed people are stuck […]

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Keeping Things in Motion

You sit on the drive to work. You sit for a million plus hours at work. You get back in your car for the daily drive back home, where you will inevitably spend at least another 1-2 hours sitting, and that’s just me being conservative. I’m not the best role model either. After 5:00 PM, […]

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Lowest Lows and Highest Highs: Setting the Height Range on Your UPLIFT Standing Desk

It’s the little nuances in life that make things special. That UPLIFT Height-Adjustable Standing Desk you’re eyeing? It’s got plenty of nuances, ranging from the small details like the specially-designed foot that gives it superior standing stability, to the nifty things you can do with the Advanced Digital Keypad. The digital display gives you a […]

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