Office Master OM5

The perfect chair for gaming, according to PC Gamer: The Office Master OM5

We recently featured a guest post on the UPLIFT Height-Adjustable Desk, written by gamer Frank P, who explained why UPLIFT is the best choice for his gaming set-up. Now that you’ve got a solid recommendation on the desk to use while destroying the Zerg, let’s take a look at a good chair. There are times you’ll be sitting, after all, and you want to do it in comfort and for a reasonable price. [ Read more ]


Introducing the Raynor Eurotech iOO Chair

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If you’re in the market for a highly adjustable, sleek, modern, exceptionally comfortable chair, the new Raynor Eurotech iOO may be just the ticket. From the makers of the ever-popular Ergohuman chair, the iOO features many of the same design elements and adjustments, at a lower price. A few of us here at the Human […]

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Compare UPLIFT Height Adjustable Desk to the Other Guys

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Have you felt a little overwhelmed researching and shopping for an adjustable-height desk? What makes one brand better than another? What are the main differences in features? What are you getting for the price? When will it ship? What info do you need that you may not know to ask about? We understand that it’s […]

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UPLIFT T-Frame or C-Frame: Which Do I Need?

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We’ve recently added a new base style to our UPLIFT Desk family: the C-Frame. Because we still carry our tried and true T-Frame as well, we thought it would be useful to explain the differences between the two, so you’ll know which one is right for you.

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All Churned Up for Ben and Jerry’s!

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Today marks the hottest day of our Texas summer so far, with temps in the high 90s and climbing. What better day to receive a surprise visit from the roaming Ben and Jerry’s ice cream truck, in town for a couple of weeks with two new flavors inspired by Texas? We were happy to take […]

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Happy Embrace Your Geekness Day!

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Worldwide geeks, unite! Today is a day for us all. Whatever your geeky passion may be, celebrate it more than usual on this lovely Monday. Yes, it is Embrace Your Geekness Day. Today, we at The Human Solution will discuss ergonomics even more enthusiastically than usual, if that is indeed possible. Today, we shall have […]

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UPLIFT Desk Review

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      As standing desks become more popular, the choice becomes harder. With more standing desks than ever, it can be hard to know which one to choose. Fortunately, one desk stands above the rest! The UPLIFT Desk has the perfect blend of best-in-class specs and unsurpassed value, making it the #1 standing desk […]

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Take a Stand

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This July, and every July for quite some time now, we take a day to spend time with our family and friends. We cap off this quality time by eating copious amounts of food and watching colorful explosions light up the sky in a manner that would make Michael Bay proud. But let’s take a […]

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Guest Blog: The UPLIFT Desk and the PC Gamer

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We’re pleased to welcome Frank P, host of the RandomFrankP series of video reviews on Youtube! He wanted to share his experiences with his new UPLIFT 900 Desk. Watch his video review above and read his thoughts below! Starting off, I want to talk about the specifications of my UPLIFT Desk. I decided I wanted […]

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