Humanscale Keyboard Tray 5GAD Mechanism Side ViewHere at The Human Solution, we’ve told you about how important it is to get up out of your chair and stand for at least a couple of hours during a normal eight hour work day. While upgrading your standard desk to an adjustable height desk is the best way to go from sitting to standing at work, for some this is not a feasible option. We get questions often about how to be able to work at a standing height without having to completely change the desk at which you work. One alternative we suggest is a keyboard tray with an above-desk mechanism.

For those unfamiliar with the parts of a keyboard tray, the mechanism is the arm that controls the movement of your keyboard tray out from under your desk, as well as the height adjustment and tilt range once it’s extended out. It’s basically the part that attaches the tray platform your keyboard sits on to the track mounted underneath your desktop. An above-desk mechanism has a higher adjustment range above the track, meaning that you can actually place the keyboard tray higher than it would be sitting on your desktop. [ Read more ]


How to Select a Monitor Arm

One item that is often overlooked while putting together an ergonomic workstation is a high quality monitor arm. The question is: Where do you start? The type of monitor arm you’ll need will depend on your workstation’s unique requirements. Addressing these requirements, however, is fairly simple as long as you consider the variables involved. The […]

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UPLIFT at DreamHack and Maker Faire Austin!

Every year UPLIFT Desk improves upon ergonomic office products and every year there is a festival or three to showcase the hottest new items. This year is a rather special year as for the first time ever, DreamHack is coming to the states and what better place to have a stateside debut than Austin, Texas? […]

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Ergonomic Chair Review: The Steelcase Leap

We offer several comfortable ergonomic chairs from top furniture makers here at The Human Solution. And one of the best things about working here is getting to try out all the great ergo chairs that are available on our web site and in our showroom in Austin, TX. It’s hard to pick a favorite office […]

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Adjustable Height Desk Review: The Humanscale Float Table

Humanscale is responsible for making some of our most popular ergonomic chairs and workstation accessories. When someone is looking for a quality standard keyboard tray, we almost always steer them first toward the Humanscale 900 Keyboard Tray System for its ease of use and versatility. In fact, many of my conversations with customers eventually lead […]

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Uplifting the Best Gaming Setup-Ever!

Video Gaming has been on the rise for years. Your mother may have told you that it was a waste of time but there’s a whole list of YouTube celebrities out there who have taken a fun escapist hobby and turned it into a lucrative career. Enter Level Cap Gaming, a YouTube channel specializing in […]

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Say “Yes” to Mesh and Budget Friendly Ergonomic Chairs

Everyone loves our best-selling chairs: the Humanscale Freedom Chair, the Steelcase Leap, and the Bodybilt Executive. But in the years after college, not everyone’s budget is the most supportive when it comes to their want of a comfortable quality chair. For those of us with nagging budgets who still want the quality and comfort, as […]

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Life, Death, and Sitting

Dying sucks. If you asked anyone on the street they would probably agree. Most individuals find the prospect of not being alive anymore to be a rather unsavory notion which is why most have taken a stand against things such as smoking, lead paints, and sitting which has become the new smoking as many have […]

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New Moto and Rocket UPLIFT Desks!

Here at UPLIFT Desk, we’re always on the cutting edge of technology. Because we design all our desks and accessories in-house, we can be first to the market with features like our rear-set C frame and power outlets built right into your desk. Today, we’re excited to show you a few of the designs we’re […]

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