Pressed for space under your desk? You can just mount the track sideways and enjoy the ergonomic benefits of the UpLift Large Keyboard Tray!

Adding a keyboard tray system to your desk is a great solution to reduce strain caused by over-reaching to your desk to type. By bringing the keyboard to your lap, you are able to more comfortably type, releasing pressure on the neck, shoulder and arms. A good keyboard tray will also allow you to negatively tilt the platform so that your hands are in the correct typing position, a great ergonomic feature many built-in trays do not have. Most keyboard trays attach using tracks that are drilled underneath your desk. Tracks are usually 5″ wide, and range from 11” – 27” long, and can fit a wide range of different sized depths of desktops. However, some desk don’t have as much real estate, because of a crossbeam running across the underside of the desk, so what do you do if you have less than 11″?

I ran into this issue myself recently. I upgraded my UpLift desk from a 48” x 30” top to an 80” x 24”, not realizing that the shorter depth would cut my available mounting space down to 9″! I collapsed in defeat, pouted, then got some ice cream to make myself better. As I was finishing my 5th cone, an idea sparked; when I got home, I decided to mount my track sideways instead of the regular configuration, and Voila! If you are desperately needing to mount a keyboard tray but don’t have the 11”, I would definitely recommend this method, however there are a couple drawbacks. [ Read more ]

Programming Your UpLift 900 Memory Keypad is a Breeze!

You probably already know that the UpLift 900 will get you to the perfect sitting, standing, or walking height, as often as you’d like to switch positions throughout the day. Even better, the desk comes standard with a programmable memory keypad with settings for up to four heights. Instead of making several tiny adjustments to [...]

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Yes, We’re Open on Labor Day!

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What are your plans for the Labor Day weekend? While many of us will be camping, floating the river, or grilling with family and friends, some of our dedicated ergo experts have graciously volunteered to spend their Monday here at the office, to answer phones and chats, and to open our retail showroom in Austin [...]

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Transform your UpLift 900 Base with the 3-Leg Conversion Kit

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One of the main reasons why we think the UpLift Desk is the best desk for your money that you’ll find out there is its versatility. Because of the UpLift’s telescoping width base, it can fit a wide range of desktops, and can even be re-used if your desktop size needs change or you just [...]

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Get Up! It’ll Be NEAT

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Last week, some of us at The Human Solution attended a live webinar entitled “Get Up – Your Life Might Depend On It.” The Key Speaker was James A. Levine M.D., Ph.D., from the Mayo Clinic. Like many of the webinars that we sit in on, this one outlined several of the dangers of sitting [...]

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The Home Office Benefits Thanks to the Uplift Monitor Arm

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Like many Austinites, I’m a transplant to this wonderful city. I live in South Austin, in a quirky old house with an ancient floor plan, and I ended up with some ergonomic issues in my home office that could have been easily avoided. For about a year I had a monitor with a broken stand: [...]

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Video Review: Raynor Nuvo Mesh Chair

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 The Raynor Nuvo Mesh Chair is a dark horse in the world of mesh chairs; it offers some great adjustments from a quality brand at an affordable price, but many people aren’t aware of its greatness. The Nuvo is great because it offers high end adjustments, cool mesh, and a hip design. Some of the [...]

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Workrite vs. ESI Non-VESA Monitor Conversion Bracket Review

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If you’ve been following this blog for a while, by this point you’re sure to know how much we love monitor arms at The Human Solution. Even the slightest adjustments on your display’s distance, height, and angle can help you reap big ergonomic benefits if you spend a lot of time in front of a [...]

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Get Schooled on Ergonomics!

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Austin is a place known for many great things – good food, good music, good beer – but to me, it’ll always be the home of my beloved alma mater, the University of Texas. However, while I enjoyed my time at Forty Acres, one thing I know can always be improved for incoming Longhorns is [...]

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