The Focal Mogo Stool is Made For Outdoor Adventures!

Our office is located in Austin, Texas, so we know hot summers. A summer in Texas is actually a rite of passage; it affects what we wear, what we eat, and what we do here. And it only makes sense that hot weather can also affect how we work, and how productive we are.

We know from our own experience that the heat can affect the quality of our work, and I know from conversations with customers that keeping cool is a major concern. Productivity is directly tied to comfort – and when your body gets too hot, or if you are unable to control the temperature in a shared office, it might be helpful to consider a few products that will help you adapt.

We came up with a list of recommended items that can help you get comfortable and cool off a bit this summer season. A few of these products are also recommended for use during summer travel: [ Read more ]

Introducing the UpLift Monitor Arm!

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The height-adjustable nature of our UpLift desks has made it both easy and affordable to switch from sitting to standing every day, letting you reap all the ergonomic benefits of mixing up your working posture at the touch of a button. Likewise, our UpLift Large Keyboard Tray allows you to quickly adjust your keyboard’s height, [...]

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Praise for the UpLift 900 Just Keeps Rolling In

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We’ve known for years that our UpLift height-adjustable desks are the best on the market, and our thousands of satisfied customers have known it too. One of those customers, Emily May of KK Cool Tools, published an excellent and informative review of the UpLift 900 desk base. Now that we are getting some serious recognition from a [...]

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Ergonomic All-Stars: The Starting Lineup

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It’s time for the MLB All-Star Game, and, as an Astros fan, I’m still in a bit of quandary that started last year. With their recent move to the American League, I now find myself at a crossroads: to root for the team that will have the one obligatory Astro (and subsequently find myself having [...]

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The Human Solution Goes the Extra Mile

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At The Human Solution, we love going the extra mile for our customers. No matter who you are or what you’re buying, we want to make sure everyone who works with us has a great experience. Recently, one of our customers found out just how committed we are, and the results have kind of blown [...]

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Gamenomics – National Video Game Day

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National Video Game Day was July 8th and I think we can all celebrate the role that gaming has played in our lives. Even now, I have fond memories of playing with my brothers, strangling them with the controller wire if they tried to cheat or happen to win, and playing Golden Eye with my [...]

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More Monitors, Fewer Problems

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One of the most difficult types of display configurations to accommodate with a monitor arm is the triple display setup. Although there are some monitor arms like the Innovative Switch Triple that are capable of supporting up to three 22″ class displays, the recent proliferation of 24″ class and larger monitors is simply a bit [...]

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Catch an Ergo Wave with the Knoll Surfboard

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Not many people know this about me, but before I started with The Human Solution, I used to work for the FBI. Far and away, the most memorable case I took on involved a gang of bank robbers who wore masks of ex-Presidents during the robberies. Eventually, we realized that the bank robbers were surfers, [...]

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Work Smarter as a Team with an UpLift Standing Desk

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The good news about standing desks just keeps rolling in. Not only do they improve focus and energy and alleviate pain, they also promote the development of creative ideas, problem-solving skills, and team interaction, according to a new Washington University study. To conduct the experiment, the study’s authors divided over 200 participants into groups of [...]

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