*Turns to camera* "Democracy is so overrated. Unlike ergonomics. That's very important."

If you promise not to tell my boss, can I share a secret with you? That day a couple of months ago that I was out with the flu? I was actually at home, binge watching the latest season of House of Cards (#TeamClaire). Between their killer original shows and archive of older programs, Netflix has basically replaced breathing at the base of Maslow’s Heirarchy of Needs. So, when we recently received an order from Netflix, we wanted to show our appreciation by getting our awesome graphic artist to draw the picture you see above on their box! [ Read more ]


Ergonomic Eye for the Tall Guy (or Gal)

I’ve been tall my whole life, and while some people may think it’s all well and good up here, I can tell you first hand it is not all it’s cracked up to be. For one thing, we always have to stand in the back row of group photos. By 4th grade, I stopped dressing [...]

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A Bamboo-utiful Desktop

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Here at The Human Solution, we like to give you options. We’re always looking for ways to make your office space as ergonomic as it is stylish. In doing so, sometimes things can get lost in the shuffle. An option here or there may get a little neglected in favor of more flashy counterparts. Case [...]

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Why Should I Get a Keyboard Tray?

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Keyboard trays have become quite the popular accessory for those transitioning into a more ergonomic environment. For people unfamiliar with the benefits, it may seem like an unnecessary or frivolous add-on. But keyboard trays can be the perfect solution for a multitude of repetitive stress issues, even issues that don’t seem like they would be [...]

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Record Store Day Ergonomic Tips from a Seasoned Pro

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Being based out of a music town like Austin, Texas, we here at The Human Solution are a pretty musical bunch. In fact, we’re nearing the end of Music Friday as I write, where we pick a theme and each person in the office plays a song in rotation. Tomorrow is a major holiday here [...]

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I Can’t Stop Talking About Walking!

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There are many things to love about working at The Human Solution, including weekly barbecues, a kitchen full of healthy snacks, our sweet height-adjustable ping-pong table, great coworkers, and the ability to try out hundreds of ergonomic products — but my favorite perk by far is my treadmill desk. It has made a huge difference [...]

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Better in Leather

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You’ve done your digging. You’ve put in hours of research, and made all the necessary phone calls. The moment is finally here; you’re about to purchase the perfect office chair from The Human Solution. Yet, something feels off. The fabric you’ve selected doesn’t quite bring the room together, and you’re worried it won’t be comfortable [...]

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Guest Post: UPLIFT Desk in the Recording Studio by Dan Benjamin, founder of 5by5

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THS is thrilled to welcome Dan Benjamin, the founder of 5by5.tv to our blog! He wanted to share his experience switching his workstation over to an UPLIFT Sit-Stand Desk! Many people who’ve listened to my shows on 5by5 over the years know that I often stand while working. In fact, I typically stand for about 8 [...]

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Review: Goldtouch Go! Travel Notebook and Tablet Stand

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If you are looking to purchase one of our popular chairs or keyboard trays, you may have noticed that we offer the Goldtouch Go! Travel Notebook and Tablet Stand as a free promotional item. This usually prompts the same question: What is this thing, and why do I want it? This little piece of plastic may not [...]

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