The SupporTech Cushion Chair Pad is perfect for when you need a little extra cushioning and support

The SupporTech Cushion Chair Pad is perfect for when you need a little extra cushioning and support!

We here at The Human Solution have been outspoken about the evils of sitting for long periods of time. But unless you’re part flamingo, standing for long hours can be just as bad so as with all things in life, moderation is the key. For those hours when you find yourself in need of a good sit you’re going to want maximum comfort. For most people, our fine plethora of chairs does the job. With everything from bariatric chairs to waterfall seats, you’re bound to find something in our selection that will work for you.

However, some people need a little more support for their derriere than most standard ergonomic chairs provide. And if you’re one of those people, fear not! The Human Solution has a couple of well, solutions.

For lower back and pelvic pain the Good Cushion lives up  to its name, providing an affordable option  that’s great for use in your office, in your car, or even when you’re just hanging out at home. The pad has a unique contoured design that’s meant to redistribute your body weight and create a more supportive sitting position. The Good Cushion is also very lightweight, meaning you can take it with you literally anywhere.

The Good Cushion Chair Pad is a light and portable option for a chair pad.

The Good Cushion Chair Pad is a light and portable option for a chair pad.

If your buttocks are finding their current seating arrangement to be a little too stiff or firm, the SupporTech Cushion Chair Pad is another way to increase your comfort. It doesn’t have the contour design of the Good Cushion but it does have two layers. One layer is all memory foam while the other is all air. Together they make for an incredibly cushy experience and unmatched padding and support.

Like I said before, most people will get enough padding and support from our chairs without needing any additional add-ons but for those who want to be a little extra kind to their behind, our chair pad options will serve you well. For more information regarding our chair pads, or even our chairs, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 1-800-531-3746 and we’ll be happy to help you out!


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