Be a Professional Ergo Athlete

by Professor Ergo on November 8, 2008

Why is ergonomics in the workplace important?  That’s a really easy question to answer.  We all need our bodies to be physically able to do our required job tasks.  The statistics for ergonomic related injuries are staggering and many injuries go unreported.  We should all consider ourselves to be professional athletes at work.  We all will only be able to work as long as our bodies are able.  In addition, similar to the way a professional athlete chooses equipment that will optimize performance and results, we office athletes should too.  It’s not easy to sit all day in one static posture and work; in fact many people can’t do it because of their aches and pains.  A comfortable worker is much more likely to be a happy and productive worker that does quality work.  Take some time and insure that your workstation is setup properly.  Use our free office ergonomic checklist online software.  Be a professional athlete.

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Written by Professor Ergo

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