“Show Room” – Like “Show Boat” with Fewer Songs and Fewer Boats

by Mitch M on June 24, 2011

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imageHard to believe it’s been a month since we moved to our new offices.  The old place was way off in the hills and you had to take many different roads to get there that it was recommended you leave a trail of bread crumbs – Hansel and Gretel style – if you wanted to get home.  To get there every morning took the better part of an hour, and getting back in the evenings took about forty-five minutes.  This new place is about fifteen minutes away.  In terms of a full week, that’s eight hours saved – equivalent to one full day off.

Not only are we glad to be spending less time in a not-very-ergonomic hunchback driving position, we are excited about our new lunch-eating prospects.  Here in the heart of North Austin (2139 W. Anderson Ln.) we’re practically in “Lunch Central”.  A couple amazing examples of what I mean: we are within three minutes of not one but two all-you-can-eat Indian buffets, and also, we are next-door to a doughnut / kolache shop.

No, Jon’s primary motive was not to fatten us up, again, Hansel and Gretel style.  The main reason for our move into the new space is the accompanying retail showroom.

These ergonomic geese fly with the look of eaglesThis is a new development for The Human Solution.  For ten years we have built our e-commerce presence by offering low prices and world-class customer service.  We are The Ergonomic Experts.  We can talk about the chair, answer questions about how suchandsuch chair differs from soandso chair, help you decide which is the best chair for you, but every day we receive calls from people asking where they can go if they want to take it for a test-sit.  And it is a completely reasonable question.  An ergonomic chair is a sizeable purchase, a long-term investment in health and comfort, and if you will be spending a huge chunk of time seated every day, a life decision not to be taken lightly.

Come to Texas for the ergonomics, stay for the Native WoodNow we’re proud to be able to say that if you’re in Austin, come on down for a test-sit.  If you’re not in Austin, you are missing out.  Maybe it’s time to come on down for that ergonomic field trip.  Stay for a long weekend or a week.  There’s plenty to do in this town after you’re done visiting your favorite ergonomics retailer.

UPDATE: WE ARE NOW OPEN FOR BUSINESS!  If you are reading this then feel free to come on down, Tuesday through Friday, 9AM to 6PM.

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Written by Mitch M

Mitch M

Mitch was a neophyte to ergonomics two years ago, but he quickly graduated to “ergo expert” status. He enjoys keeping his monitor arms at eye level, his keyboard tray in his lap, and because he is tall, he tends to lean back in his chair while working. He specializes in keyboard trays and finding the solutions for his fellow tall folk. Outside of the office, he enjoys film, reading, writing and eating healthily most of the time, so he can gorge himself on enchiladas and hot wings some of the time. He attempts to live by Ralph Waldo Emerson’s advice that, “A foolish consistency is hobgoblin to little minds,” but not always, because that would also be foolishly consistent.

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