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Custom Ergonomics: How to Select a Bodybilt Chair

by Mitch M on June 21, 2012

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bodybilt chairs, boybilt chair reviewI’m a huge fan of BodyBilt Chairs. The wonderful thing about these high-end chairs is that they are so configurable. One model may be designed to alleviate symptoms of a severe physical ailment. Another model will be the most comfortable possible chair for someone whose only complaint is spending a surfeit of time at the office. You just need to know which options will properly suit you, which, admittedly, may seem confusing at first.

Your first choice is the size of the chair. The 757 line, our most affordable BodyBilt Chair, is a basic task chair frame that works for a majority of body sizes. If you prefer additional upper back support, we recommend a high back 2507 or 3507. The 3507 includes a headrest or a neckroll, whereas the 2507 will not. Simply put, these three models will work for the majority of people, but BodyBilt also offers special big and tall,” petite and stretch models.  (As always, if you are unsure which chair frame is best suited to you please give us a call.)

You will also need to select your Bodybilt chair mechanism. The mechanism is the part of the chair that moves the seat. We generally recommend the “J” mechanism (with seat slider), as this is the most traditional mech style and will be most familiar to most people in the way it adjusts. The “E” mechanism with seat slider is also a good choice for taller people, as it is a knee tilt mechanism, enabling higher grade recline.

People also have questions about which seat mold is right for them. BodyBilt’s patented contoured seat design is available in three degrees of contour: minimally, moderately and highly. The highly contoured seat is an excellent choice for those who experience sciatic nerve issues or pain in the lower back. The contour will reduce pressure points and eliminate stress that comes from prolonged periods of sitting. The only drawback with this seat is that it makes it difficult to shift throughout the day, or cross your legs while seated.

For those who want the benefits of a contoured seat but also want the freedom to shift or cross their legs, the moderately contoured seat, or even the moderately contoured seat with reduced pommel is a good option. BodyBilt also offers a minimally contoured seat for those who prefer a flatter seat.

Most of the other options are fairly self-explanatory (lumbar support, additional seat cushioning, arms, etc), or are purely aesthetic (fabric, base color). If you have any questions, we’re happy to answer. If you want to see some fabric samples, we can also have those sent to you. When choosing fabric, we recommend Comfortek, as it blends nicely with the popular S’port Foam cushioning.

I get many customers who ask if a Bodybilt Chair qualifies as a medical device. The answer is yes. A doctor or physical therapist can prescribe a Bodybilt Chair if you are experiencing certain back, neck or nerve issues. Many insurance plans will even cover the cost of the chair. (If this is a possibility for you, The Human Solution does not coordinate with the insurance company; you will be responsible for purchasing the chair and the insurance company will partially or completely reimburse you).

But just because this is a medical device does not mean that it is only a medical device. There is a medical device stigma. People imagine orthopedic braces, funny looking shoes, the smell of strong creams. But Bodybilt chairs are fantastic chairs for anyone — Bodybilt is really one of the best chairs you could possibly buy and not necessarily a medical device.

Yes, ordering the perfect Bodybilt Chair may seem like a relatively daunting process. But this is only because the manufacturer, Ergogenesis, has taken great pride in providing a wide range of solutions to ensure that the chair will fit just about anyone.

Hopefully this guide will provide a little clarity. If you still have questions, give us a call at 800-531-3746.

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Written by Mitch M

Mitch M

Mitch was a neophyte to ergonomics two years ago, but he quickly graduated to “ergo expert” status. He enjoys keeping his monitor arms at eye level, his keyboard tray in his lap, and because he is tall, he tends to lean back in his chair while working. He specializes in keyboard trays and finding the solutions for his fellow tall folk. Outside of the office, he enjoys film, reading, writing and eating healthily most of the time, so he can gorge himself on enchiladas and hot wings some of the time. He attempts to live by Ralph Waldo Emerson’s advice that, “A foolish consistency is hobgoblin to little minds,” but not always, because that would also be foolishly consistent.

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