Ergonomic Chair Review: Knoll Generation Chair

by The Human Solution on September 6, 2012

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The Knoll Generation Chair is available in a number of sophisticated back, seat and frame color options.

The Knoll Generation Chair is one of the most modern, unique and flexible chairs we offer at The Human Solution. It’s truly a one-of-a-kind ergonomic chair that features a progressive design from top to bottom.

The Knoll Generation Chair makes it easy to get comfortable, no matter your posture or position. In fact, the Generation Chair is designed to allow you, the sitter, to dictate your sitting position, instead of having the chair do it for you. This means you can move around, lean, roll, fidget and sit any way you want to sit in the Generation Chair and remain comfortable. This chair is incredibly user-friendly, and it’s designed to provide long term ergonomic support to a wide range of users.

The Generation offers a comfortable padded seat cushion that is depth adjustable, which makes it easy to fit the chair to your body type and height. You can also upgrade to the Ultra seat padding, which provides a thicker seat cushion. But perhaps the best thing about the Generation is its unique Flex Back.

It’s all in the name – the chair’s back is really flexible, which allows you to sit in a number of different ways without sacrificing support – sit facing front, side saddle, or turn around and lean the front of your body on the back of the chair. This innovative flexing back technology also keeps the chair light and breathable without sacrificing lumbar support, so you get all the benefits of a mesh back ergonomic chair with extra flexibility.

And speaking of lumbar support, you can also add an optional adjustable lumbar support pad to the Generation Chair, which provides 2.5 inches of height adjustment. This is recommended for those who sit for long hours each day.

And here’s the fun part – the Generation Chair comes in several different colors. Match the seat and back with a bright Lemongrass hue that really pops, go for a more conservative but sleek-looking Meteor grey finish, or mix it up with a Firecracker red back and Bluemarine seat. The chair’s style options are highly configurable. You can also choose a dark or light finish frame and base as well as height adjustable arms or high-performance arms that pivot and slide in and out.

If you’re looking for a truly modern, flexible and progressive ergonomic chair with sharp style and that’s great for collaborative environments, it’s hard to do better than the Knoll Generation Chair.

The Knoll Generation Chair is great for collaborative environments.

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