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Are You Part of the Standing Desk Revolution?

by Kate K on November 9, 2012

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The Texas Native Cedar Uplift 900 is a sturdy and stunning way to stand at work.

At The Human Solution, we are thrilled to be on the edge of a revolution. Standing at work is quickly becoming a common conversation, as study after study proves the painful results of staying sedentary. A quick search for “standing vs sitting” in Google news turns up almost 22,000 news stories!

One recent article published by NBC News highlights the trend and asks the question: how far will this standing “trend” go? Is this a lasting change? Will we see the advent of taller conference room tables, or chairs missing from auditoriums? The trend is even catching on in our leisure time, with people advocating for standing only sections at football games, or even standing while watching television (one of the worst offenders and life-shorteners, according to the British Journal of Sports Medicine).

Let’s make standing the standard.  A quick rundown of some of our top-selling standing desk models will make clear how a standing desk is achievable and affordable.

The Stunner: The Texas Native Wood UpLift 900 (pictured above). This easily-customized beauty is my personal favorite. The 900 base features two sturdy steel legs and a discreet telescoping crossbeam beneath the native wood top. The size of the top ranges from 48″ x 30″ to 72″ x 30″, but because these real wood desktops are made by local carpenters here in Austin, TX, we can customize the top to whatever size you need. Also important are the two quick electric motors (one in each leg), which raise the desktop (plus up to 335 pounds) from 25″ to 51″ in a matter of seconds. The height range of this desk makes it especially appealing to those who wish to use a treadmill or stand on energizing twist boards.

The Uplift 980 is a high-quality, budget-friendly standing desk.

The Budget-Friendly: UpLift 970.  The 970 is a no-nonsense fit to your workstation. It is my go-to recommendation for those looking to get into standing at work with a sturdy desk, but at a lower cost. With a traveling speed of 1.5″/second, you can easily switch from sitting to standing and keep your body mobile. The top is also available in rectangular cherry, mahogany, or maple laminate for a small upcharge.

Humanscale is known for their modern, intuitive designs.

The Technologically Advanced: Humanscale Float Table.  The Float is generating quite a bit of talk for its innovative mechanism and sleek design. No need to plug in this desk: You can raise the top effortlessly using your fingertips with the counterbalance mechanism. The top holds up to 120 pounds and is available in gorgeous modern finishes. An additional feature is the lack of a crossbeam, which frees up leg or storage space underneath the desk. Also notable is the 20″ height range from 27″-47″.

We hope you’ll get into standing for part of your work day, and we’d be happy to help you make the transition!  Call us at 800-531-3746, email us, or talk with one of our standing desk experts via chat.

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Written by Kate K

Kate K

Kate is a content writer for THS. She hails from the legendary land of Delaware, where she wore rain boots from October through April and developed tremendous upper body strength from shoveling snow. She thanks her lucky stars each day for being in Austin and enjoys riding her bike, laughing at dog-shaming pictures, and having philosophical discussions while watching ‘How I Met Your Mother.’

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