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Introducing the UpLift 900 Electric Sit-Stand Desk: A Standing Desk for the Common Man

by Will M on December 18, 2012

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The UpLift 900 Electric Sit-Stand Desk is an affordable laminate top height adjustable standing desk with 26" of height adjustment.

Probably the most revolutionary idea that industrialist Henry Ford had was “Bringing Cars to the Common Man.” In the early days of automobiles, they were considered a luxury, and car makers marketed them as such. Ford felt that everyone should own a car, and, by streamlining the manufacturing process, he was able to make cars people could afford, and an automobile was no longer considered to be something only your Rich Uncle Pennybags could afford.

Well, as you may have read, we here at The Human Solution are at the forefront of a revolution as well – standing while you work. But still, to many, the idea of an electric height adjustable desk seems like an expensive luxury item. Well, we don’t want you thinking of improving your health and extending your life as “luxuries,” so we are happy to introduce the new, affordable UpLift 900 line of standing desks.

The UpLift 900 Sit-Stand Desk gives you full sit-to-stand electric height adjustment at a price point that we hope is within reach of almost anyone serious about making their workstation more ergonomic. At around the same price of many of our mid-priced ergonomic chairs, you can get a sturdy, height adjustable desk with a durable laminate top that’s fully adjustable from a sitting height of 24.5” all the way up to over 50” – enough range for most of the population to be able to quickly go from a sitting height to a standing height periodically throughout the day. You can also pair the UpLift 900 with a desk treadmill, which can help you burn calories while you work.

Henry FordHenry Ford managed to successfully change the public perception of the automobile as a luxury item, something we hope to do with the electric height-adjustable sit-to-stand desk.

Other features of the UpLift 900 Sit-Stand Desk include an adjustable-width base that allows you to set up your desk base however is best for both your desktop and your leg space and work area, as well as a “hidden” crossbar design that also frees up valuable space underneath. The desk also has a low-draw transformer, cutting down on the amount of electricity it uses, as well as a pressure release function that shuts off your desk’s electric adjustment if it senses pressure from an obstruction. And the UpLift 900 Desk’s programmable memory switch has four presets and an LED readout in inches to let you know the height of your desk.

Hopefully the UpLift 900 Standing Desk will help lead to less people thinking of an electric sit-to-stand desk as a luxury and more people thinking of it as a necessity. Which, if you want to stay healthy, energetic and productive at work, it really is. We want to do our part in making an ergonomic workstation more available to the Common Man, who is usually the one stuck sitting at a desk for eight or more hours a day anyway.

The UpLift 900 is currently available on our site for pre-order in black, silver or white, available as just the base itself, or with one of our laminate tops. We hope to start shipping these in March, so if you would like to order one, or if you want to learn more about how adding one of these affordable height adjustable desks to your home or office will improve your health and focus at work, as always, you can email, talk to an expert in live chat, or call us at 800-531-3746.

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Written by Will M

Will M

Will Moore has been with The Human Solution since 2011, and currently resides in Austin, Texas, with his lovely wife Angie and their terriers Eli and Hannah. When not writing about or selling ergonomic furniture, he’s usually catching a live music show or watching a movie at the Alamo Drafthouse. He enjoys bacon, Pearl Jam, and sitting in a Steelcase Amia Chair when not using his desk’s standing capabilities (ah, the perks of working at THS). He is responsible for spearheading the very popular Music Friday at THS, in which a theme is picked and everyone plays a song in turn, culminating in the entire office ceremonially playing “Who Let the Dogs Out,” no matter what the theme, every Friday at 6 pm when we close.

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