Ergonomic Keyboard Tray Review: The ergoCentric Chameleon Keyboard Tray System

by Will M on January 30, 2013

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Chameleon Standard Keyboard Tray System

The ergoCentric Chameleon Keyboard Tray System gives you several keyboard trays in one, including an in-line keyboard and mouse surface as well as a mouse-over platform to get your mouse even closer to the keyboard.

Out of all the new items I saw during our excursion to the 2012 ErgoExpo in Las Vegas last month, my favorite was probably ergoCentric’s new entry into the keyboard tray market, the Chameleon Keyboard Tray.

What sets the Chameleon apart from other popular keyboard tray systems is its versatility and configurability. Having the Chameleon Keyboard Tray system is like having several different keyboard trays all in one. It allows you to easily change your keyboard tray configuration without ordering new parts or using tools.

The Chameleon’s low-profile design features a sturdy ½” thick keyboard tray platform and an independently-articulating mouse platform. The mouse platform can be easily adjusted for in-line mousing (with the mouse and keyboard on the same plane), mouse-under, or mouse over for those who want to roll the platform over the numeric keypad of their keyboard for even less reach. You can even switch between left-handed or right-handed mousing, which is a good way to relieve repetitive stress injuries. All of this adjustment is quick, easy and tool-free.

ergoCentric Chameleon Sit-Stand Keyboard Tray

The Chameleon Sit-Stand Keyboard Tray gives you 8.25" of height adjustment above the track.

The Standard Chameleon Keyboard Tray gives you the keyboard and mouse surface on a height adjustable arm that can go 2.25” above the track or 6.13” below, or you can upgrade to the Chameleon Sit-Stand Keyboard Tray for 8.25” of adjustment above the track for standing and working. This amount of height adjustment will be good for many users, but remember, the best solution for standing and working remains upgrading to one of our standing desks. Depending on your height and the desk you have, 8.25” may not be enough to be able to comfortably stand and work.

The keyboard tray mechanism and platforms make for an extremely low profile when stowed away, which is possible on a 19” track with the standard Chameleon and a 22” track with the sit-stand model. Another great feature is the built-in height and tilt range indicators, which make it easy to make consistent adjustments and to set and record positions for evaluation. And, for the environmentally conscious, these are 100% recyclable trays made from 100% post-consumer waste and are recycled, extruded, cut and shipped from the same U.S. factory.

So if you are looking for an affordable sit-stand option without changing desks, or if you just want several mouse platform options without having to add or update components, the new ergoCentric Chameleon Keyboard Trays may be for you. If you have any more questions on the right keyboard tray configuration for your needs, as always give us a call at 800-531-3746, live chat with an expert, or email and we’ll find one that’s right for you.

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Written by Will M

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