Ergonomic Chair Tip: Clean Your Wheel Casters to Keep Your Chair Rolling Smoothly

by Angela P on April 25, 2013

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"If only someone had cleaned my casters..." (Photo: Ellyjonez/Flickr)

The chairs we offer on our online store are not just comfortable ergonomic chairs, they are investments that are made to last and will be used in your home or office for years. A little preventative maintenance will ensure your ergonomic chair keeps working and looking as great as the day you first bought it. People often ask about how to keep the upholstery looking nice, but the casters (or wheels) are often overlooked. Keeping your chair casters clean will not only extend the life of your chair, it will also extend the life of the floor beneath the chair.

Apartment Therapy has directions on how to clean your task chair’s casters for smooth rolling. This should probably be done once or twice a year under normal circumstances, or whenever you notice that they are getting dirty. Just a scrub your casters with a scrub brush, do some quick vacuuming to remove any pet hair or carpet fuzz stuck inside the wheels, and then a once-over with some rubbing alcohol should be all you need to get your casters back into like-new condition. This will keep your chair rolling easily, make the casters last longer, and prevent damage to the floor or carpet underneath your chair.

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Written by Angela P

Angela P

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