Goldtouch V2 on Cedar Top UpLift Desk

A Goldtouch V2 Keyboard and a real-wood Cedar top UpLift Desk go together like peanut butter and jelly.

Since we tend to focus more on the bigger things like a sit-stand desk or a great chair for an ergonomic setup here at The Human Solution, the little upgrades that truly complete your workstation can sometimes get overlooked. For those who already have one of our UpLift height-adjustable desks and are looking for something extra to complete the package that will give you even more flexibility and comfort while working, a Goldtouch ergonomic keyboardis a great addition.

Adjustable split keyboards like the Goldtouch V2 GTU-0088, or its thinner, wireless sibling the Go!2 Bluetooth GTP-0044W, give you a customizable split and up to 30 degrees of tenting. Both feature Goldtouch’s integrated ball-and-lever system to tent and splay the keyboard at the most comfortable width and angle. This adjustability gets your hands, wrists, shoulders and back in a relaxed position, whether you’re sitting or standing. Both also feature low-force keys that won’t “bottom out,” giving you an extra level of comfort.

A Goldtouch keyboard will get you in the proper, relaxed position while typing, whether sitting or standing.

These are great, versatile keyboards for use with sit-stand desks, because of the different ways we tend to work when sitting as opposed to standing. And not only will your adjustable keyboard get at the angle and splay you need it, your height-adjustable desk’s infinite stop positions and minute adjustment capabilities will get the height at the sweet spot as well.

For those with a standard desktop computer, the standard wired Goldtouch V2 Keyboard’s “plug and play,” software-free installation will get you typing in comfort in seconds. For laptop or tablet users, or for those who just want a compact adjustable keyboard that is good for travel, the Go!2 Keyboard will connect with any Bluetooth-ready device. The Go!2 can even fold in half for easy storage.

No matter what your setup is or what your ergonomic needs are, an electric standing desk and a good split keyboard will go a long way towards making you feel healthier at work. A Goldtouch keyboard and an UpLift sit-stand desk are a match made in ergonomic heaven.

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Written by Will M

Will M

Will Moore has been with The Human Solution since 2011, and currently resides in Austin, Texas, with his lovely wife Angie and their terriers Eli and Hannah. When not writing about or selling ergonomic furniture, he’s usually catching a live music show or watching a movie at the Alamo Drafthouse. He enjoys bacon, Pearl Jam, and sitting in a Steelcase Amia Chair when not using his desk’s standing capabilities (ah, the perks of working at THS). He is responsible for spearheading the very popular Music Friday at THS, in which a theme is picked and everyone plays a song in turn, culminating in the entire office ceremonially playing “Who Let the Dogs Out,” no matter what the theme, every Friday at 6 pm when we close.

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