New look, new site, same great desk!

Good news, height-adjustable desk enthusiasts! (That’s our whole office, and hopefully yours as well.) Our UPLIFT Desks now have a site all their own, featuring just our most popular models and accessories for quick, easy shopping. On, you’ll find the best-sellers in our UPLIFT series. You can choose from our high-quality GREENGUARD laminates in four sizes, or upgrade to one of our beautiful native wood tops.

It’s great to see more and more people recognizing the benefits of moving around at work. Switching to a sit-stand desk is a life-changer in terms of comfort, productivity, focus, and overall work satisfaction, and we’re excited that word is spreading. If you know anyone who has already joined the standing revolution, just ask them how good they feel, how much their back pain is reduced, and how much more comfortable they are at work each day. When it comes time to choose your own desk, stick with UPLIFT, the best standing desk on the market.

Now there are three great sites where you can learn about UPLIFT Desks:,, and the brand new!

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Shannon comes to THS from a background in writing and teaching. She’s lived and traveled all over the world, but is now a committed South Austinite, where she lives with her husband and daughter. She likes the things you might expect of a former English teacher, like reading, crosswords, tea, and cats. She also enjoys Charlie Kaufman movies, yoga, and being tall.

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