With the UPLIFT desk base, the possibilities are endless! (Photo via Misha from NC)

Here at The Human Solution, we are always happy to see how creative our customers can be when it comes to our world famous UPLIFT bases.  A couple of months ago, Marty from Ft. Worth shared his project with us, showing how he transformed his pedestal base into a  beautiful solid wood masterpiece.  Well, we have another creative DIY genius in our midst: Misha from North Carolina. See how he paired his UPLIFT with a desktop solution from Ikea to create a great looking desk at an affordable price.

Misha found the perfect top at Ikea, choosing the Galant powder coated glass table top. The top comes with a crossbeam already installed in the glass, but Misha was able to use the existing screw holes that were meant to be used with Galant base, and line them up with the UPLIFT side brackets. Because of our unique telescoping frame, the base fit perfectly with the glass top. 

The UPLIFT's weight capacity is so high that it can lift a glass top and 6 monitors with room to spare (Photo via Misha in NC)

The lifting power of the UPLIFT easily supports all of Misha’s screens and accessories, and he was able to save some money by purchasing his top locally. Here’s what Misha has to say about his experience:

“Awesome product!!! It took a bit of ingenuity to figure out how to attach it to the metal frame underneath the glass top. I was able to use the screws of the base, but to do it I had to drill 2 holes in each of the side brackets of the UPLIFT base. To attach the Control Box I used two Zip Ties which I wrapped around the glass base and the UPLIFT base. And lastly to attach the Switch to the glass I used two-sided Scotch mounting tape that holds up to 20 lbs. No screws at all for both the Control Box and the Switch. All together it cost me around $850 – a beautiful glass desk and UPLIFT base – 96 inch desk (including two extensions)!!!”

We would love to hear how you customized your UPLIFT base. Email pete@thehumansolution or call 1-800-531-3746 to get your project started today! And don’t forget to visit TheHumanSolution.com for all your standing desk needs!

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