Infographic: How Much We Sit, How Much We Hate It, and What Can Be Done About It

by Will M on May 8, 2014

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Although we hate sitting, and we know it's bad for us, we still have a ways to go in actually doing something about it. (Photo: Fast Company Magazine; Click to See the Whole Image)

When it comes to alerting you to the dangers of sitting all day, we here at The Human Solution are pretty adept at scaring you with words and numbers. Heart disease and diabetes! Cancer! EARLY DEATH! Well, one of our manufacturers decided to change it up a bit and scare you with pictures! Pictures supplemented with words and statistics, but, also, pictures! Maybe that will scare you out of your seat!

Ergotron recently put together a nifty little infographic highlighting some of the things we already knew (excessive sitting is a key risk factor in four of the seven things that kill Americans the most – heart disease, strokes, diabetes and cancer) and some fancy new statistics further confirming health risks we’ve told you about before (every two hours you sit reduces circulation, raises blood sugar levels and drops good cholesterol 20%). It also includes a pie chart to show just how little time we spend our lives active or standing (a paltry three out of 24 hours a day).

But there are hopeful statistics as well. The good thing is, people are starting to realize how bad sitting is for them, because more than two-thirds of Americans hate it. And 96% would stand more to improve their health. But while we don’t like it, and we know it is bad for us, we still do it.

These statistics hopefully mean we are on our way to getting up out of our chairs more, whether taking breaks, stretching, walking around, or using a sit-stand desk to incorporate standing into your workday without cutting down on productivity.

But don’t worry – we’re here to continually bombard you with scary words, statistics and pictures until you get the message.

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Written by Will M

Will M

Will Moore has been with The Human Solution since 2011, and currently resides in Austin, Texas, with his lovely wife Angie and their terriers Eli and Hannah. When not writing about or selling ergonomic furniture, he’s usually catching a live music show or watching a movie at the Alamo Drafthouse. He enjoys bacon, Pearl Jam, and sitting in a Steelcase Amia Chair when not using his desk’s standing capabilities (ah, the perks of working at THS). He is responsible for spearheading the very popular Music Friday at THS, in which a theme is picked and everyone plays a song in turn, culminating in the entire office ceremonially playing “Who Let the Dogs Out,” no matter what the theme, every Friday at 6 pm when we close.

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