Jake is standing in style with his new UPLIFT 900!

We get a lot of happy customers here at The Human Solution, and it’s easy to see why. When people hear my melodious voice on the phone, they are assured they are being helped by someone who is not only ridiculously smart and good looking, but also extremely knowledgeable about the world of ergonomic desks. Another,  less important, reason is because of the quality of  UPLIFT products. I recently had the opportunity to work with Jake, a man in need of desk makeover. Now, he could have bought an entirely new desk, but he decided to retrofit his current desktop,  which was a really cool and unique piece of wood. He was kind enough to share his experience with us, as well as the finished product.  Here’s his story:

“I’ve had low back problems for years. And although I already had a very good quality office chair I was continuing to look for a better solution. I came across The Human Solution when I was looking for a desk that would allow me to work in both a sitting and standing position. Since I already owned a beautiful wooden desk I was reluctant to give it up, but working with a customer service rep at The Human Solution we figured out I could take my existing desk top and mount it on the UPLIFT 900.

I had a couple of wooden file cabinets that I also was using and I worked with my Human Solution’s rep to figure out how to create a new office set up that would incorporate my existing wooden files. From the photograph you can see I have them placed on the sides of my UPLIFT 900 and it has created a beautiful office set-up.

I ordered my desk on a Thursday and it arrived on Monday. The installation video instructions were great and I had my desk put together and functioning within less than an hour. I’ve now been using my desk for over a week and I love it. It completely changes my work experience. I sit part of the time, stand part of the time, and I also bought a Focal Mogo Stool from The Human Solution so that I can work in a third position, one that allows me to strengthen my core while working.

I couldn’t be more pleased with the product, the service or the results I’m getting. My back feels better and I have more energy when I’m working. This has something to do with changing positions through out the day and not feel static for long periods of time. I highly recommend the desk and The Human Solution is great to work with.”

Thanks Jake!

If you would like to know more about UPLIFT Desks (and talk to ridiculously smart and good looking people), visit TheHumanSolution.com.

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Written by Pete A

Pete A

Pete has been enjoying the roller coaster ride of ergonomics for almost two years. When he’s not spreading the good word about standing desks, he spends his time playing video games, visiting the local saloon, and working out to cancel out the effects of the previous activities.

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