Building Healthy Habits by Standing in the Classroom

by Rob on October 3, 2014

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The Stand2Learn Desk comes in two models and offers a number of unique features and a high build quality that make it an ideal classroom solution for students of all ages.

Every day here at The Human Solution, I have the opportunity to help people address their ergonomic needs at home or the office. It’s so rewarding to get a message from someone raving about their new chair or how their height adjustable desk is the toast of the office. It brightens my day to hear that a difference is being made; not just in comfort, but often in a person’s entire lifestyle.

While the vast majority of our products are aimed at fully-grown adults – we are the ones making up the workforce, after all – schools and other educational institutions are beginning to see the importance of building healthy ergonomic habits from a young age. An increasing number of school districts are starting to incorporate standing desk solutions in their learning environments and the results, according to our neighbors just up the road at Texas A&M in College Station, are fascinating.

After a period of study using standing desks in an actual classroom environment, students are reporting that they are learning more from being able to focus better and concentrate on their studies for longer periods of time. The researchers from Texas A&M say that test results are backing up the anecdotal evidence, and that standing desks have the potential to become key classroom tools. Additionally, by teaching students the benefits of standing while they work from a young age, they can build healthier habits that will stay with them throughout their education and into adult life.

The Stand2Learn desk is one of the best ways to get students standing in the classroom. Potentially a key tool in battling childhood obesity and nipping future health problems in the bud, this is a standing desk specifically designed for school applications. With a pencil tray and an angled work surface, it’s instantly a prime tool for class work. Adding easy height adjustment and a dual-level footrest in models for either elementary or older students, there’s a Stand2Learn configuration for any student.

Stand2Learn Desks

Classrooms outfitted with sit-stand desks like the Stand2Learn Desk are reaping the benefits and finding that students are learning more efficiently.

Made in the USA and designed with durability in mind, the Stand2Learn desk is built to handle anything rambunctious youngsters can throw at it. With a limited lifetime warranty supporting each desk, the premium powder-coated steel frame is topped by a steel-reinforced desktop that is dent and scratch resistant. With that kind of pedigree, educators can worry less about expensive damage and carved initials.

It’s rare to find students and teachers agreeing on changes at school, but standing in the classroom has support across the board. In addition to the myriad health benefits of standing desks, students who stand are better able to focus on their work, which means they are learning at a faster pace and even taking fewer trips to the restroom. With the Texas A&M researchers noting that the economics of traditional desks and standing desks are comparable, we could be seeing more and more school districts taking the plunge and providing the means for students to stand and learn. While most of us will never experience a classroom appointed with standing desks, we now have the ability to help the next generation build an incredibly healthy habit as they grow up.

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