Humanscale FM300B Foot Machine foot rest

The Humanscale FM300B Foot Machine is much more than a basic footrest, with massaging balls for the feet and a rocking design that allows for easy motion while sitting.

As an adult athlete at the end of my “prime” physical years, I’ve recently begun to focus more of my attentions on regaining a strong level of physical fitness. The rediscovery of team sport has provided a competitive and athletic outlet that simply jogging or biking could not. For millions of adult athletes, maximizing performance is a round-the-clock concern, as the days of having the unlimited energy of a rambunctious youngster have long passed.

Of course, readers know by now that standing while working offers massive health and productivity benefits, and we here at The Human Solution all have treadmills at our desks. Stiffly trundling in the morning after a tough practice or brutal match would seem like the worst possible time to hop up and go for a saunter, but a brief mile to stretch out the legs and promote circulation can make a huge difference in recovery and avoidance of delayed-onset muscle soreness.

Foot and ankle problems are a common source of nagging injury in games played with low-cut shoes, such as soccer and most field games that are not American football. As an active participant in three different sports that require soccer boots, I know firsthand the extraordinary strain placed on the lower extremities by unsupportive, flat-bottomed cleats. From the rank amateur to the elite professional, sprains, twists, tendinitis, and plantar fasciitis (pain and inflammation in the connective tissue connecting the heel to the the toes) are common maladies that can debilitate an otherwise promising athlete.

Here at The Human Solution, I inherited a workspace with a Humanscale FM300B foot machine, equipped with massaging balls in the center of the platform. The results have been extraordinary: being able to properly rest my feet has given me a chance to sit more ergonomically, while the massaging balls are quick to work out any hints of plantar fasciitis that crop up from time to time.

An injury from this hit could have left me in daily discomfort; thankfully, proper care and excellent ergonomics allowed for a fast recovery. Photo courtesy of San Antonio Gaelic Athletics Club.

Being far from past glory days (they’ll pass you by, after all) and slowly aging, injuries are an unfortunate and worrisome reality. This spring I suffered a broken rib on an otherwise acceptable play, leaving me in agony as a new week neared. My beloved Steelcase Leap ergonomic chair was there for me on Monday, though. While the rib still caused discomfort, the Leap kept my posture from sagging, supporting my spine and allowing my back to rest in an ergonomic position. A quick adjustment of the excellent lumbar support and I had the most comfortable position available to me while I recovered. Though injuries are never fun, being able to manage them throughout the day helped to hasten the comeback.

Though most adults’ top days as athletes are long gone, there are certain joys that only come from contest. Being able to properly recover instead of parking in a chair all day can leave adult athletes feeling more energetic and able to apply top effort at a training session, leaving ample opportunity to make use of the years ahead.

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Chicago native Rob Jaskula joined The Human Solution in 2014 and quickly entered an exclusive office relationship with his beloved Steelcase Leap chair. Born with an appetite for sunshine, Rob moved to Austin in 2009 because, no matter how hot it gets in Texas, heat never needs to be shoveled. When he’s not expanding his knowledge of ergonomics, Rob enjoys riding motorcycles and playing sports, consuming competition for breakfast all across the continent with the Celtic Cowboys hurling and Gaelic football teams.

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