Micheal J Fox and a Elijah Wood knew standing while gaming was the way of the future (even if you had to use your hands!) Photo Courtesy of Universal Pictures

Here at The Human Solution we frequently talk about both the dangers of sitting for extended periods of time and the benefits of standing during work.  I stand about 25-30% of the day everyday at my UPLIFT Sit/Stand Workstation, and I feel better, healthier and more productive because of it.  But like many people who enjoy video games, work is not the only place where I’m likely to spend time hunched over a computer.

A sit/stand gaming station? To be completely honest, that seemed like an absurd idea at first.  When I think of the time I spend playing video games, I tend to think of it as time spent “relaxing.”  But really, gaming is not a relaxing activity.  When was the last time you saw a video game advertised as relaxing?  The answer is: Never.

"Relaxing" in a game like Evolve will most likely get you eaten. Photo courtesy Turtle Rock & 2K Games

Games today are advertised as: Exhilarating!  Action Packed! Fused with Non-Stop Adrenaline! These are all descriptions that make me want to stand up.  Video games are meant to be exciting.  And standing up while you’re scoring on a long run in Madden or when you’ve finally trounced a ridiculously difficult boss in Dark Souls II just feels right.  And maybe, it’s how video games were originally meant to be played anyway.

When I first started playing video games, I didn’t have a console or computer at home.  If I wanted to play video games, I was forced to bug my mom for quarters and my dad for a ride to the arcade.  Sure, this shows my age a bit, but my first gaming experiences, like many people in my age bracket, consisted almost entirely of standing arcade games.  Back then, I never had a chance to get tired or relaxed while playing video games.  Sure, it could have also been because I was ten years old and full of youthful energy, but the standing part couldn’t have hurt!

As an adult I’m finding that standing while I play video games keeps me more engaged in the game.  I’ve been playing Evolve lately and whether I’m playing as the Monster or one of the hunters, I feel more connected to my avatar when I’m standing.  Also, when it’s getting late and I start to get sleepy, I’m finding that I don’t nod off like I would on occasion from my desk or my couch.  This means that my character isn’t as prone to randomly running off of a cliff or into a wall to become fodder for whatever enemies are in the area.  So, in that sense, standing while gaming is not only good for your health and energy, it saves lives!

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Daniel F

Daniel is a content writer and sales associate with THS. When not testing out and sharing information about cool new ergonomic products, he enjoys watching movies, playing video games, and coaching and playing with his flag football team (Go Spaceballs!). He currently resides in Pflugerville TX with his wonderful girlfriend Nicolette and their three awesome dogs.

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