A picture of the exterior of our Austin showroom

The Human Solution is mainly an online dealer. What you may not know, however, is that The Human Solution is actually a small, family owned business. We’re a small business located in a city that prides itself on small businesses. And that city is Austin, Texas.

We’re blessed to be located in a city with such overwhelming love and support. And as an added bonus to our local customers, having an interactive showroom here in Austin can really be beneficial to check out. But what would our local customers expect to see when they visit? Let’s dive right into it…

When you first walk into our showroom, you’ll be greeted with a vast display of desks. These desks will vary between our ever popular UPLIFT 900 desks, our UPLIFT 950 L-Shaped desks, treadmill work stations, and more! All of these desks will be fully functional for you to try out, and can even be bought on the spot. We also still have our long running $499 deal going on, as Angela wrote about.

A picture of the inside of our showroom

To both the left and right of these desks, you’ll find chairs. Lots and lots of chairs- all of the ergonomic variety. It’s definitely helpful to be able to try out one of our chairs and test their comfort level, as preference varies from person to person. Our showroom includes some of the most popular chairs we sell, like the Raynor Ergohuman and the Steelcase Leap! Come spend the afternoon wheeling around our showroom and asking us questions. And, if you’re still not entirely sure, we offer a special loaner deal to our local customers. We allow you to take a chair from retail to your home and try it out for a few days. If you decide you don’t like it, no sweat! Bring it back for a full refund and no-restocking fees.

We also have a lot of our ergonomic accessories (i.e. mice, keyboards, workstations) out on display for you to try out. Come on down to the store, bring your laptop, sit at one of our UPLIFT 900 desks and play around with our different keyboards and mice until you find the items right for you! We’ll even pour you a cup of coffee to make you feel that much more at home while you’re trialing our products.

The best part of our showroom is what you’ll find behind the display of desks, and behind those chairs. That’s us! You’ll find between two and four highly trained, highly knowledgeable associates placed directly, and conveniently, in the showroom that are dying to please you. I would know- I’m one of them! We’ll take as much time as you’d like to answer as many questions as you have, and will go into further detail as to why some options might be better for you over others. And we’ll do so with a smile.

So come on down to our interactive showroom in town and say ‘hi!’ Spend the day with us. Lay in our amazingly comfortable, life-changing massage chair that all of our associates abuse during our lunch breaks. Try out our desks. Sit in our chairs. Bounce on our spring-rigged Swopper! We’d be happy to have you.

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Written by Greg V

Greg V

Greg is new to the Austin area, arriving Fall of 2014. He spends his leisure time writing, playing drums, doing graphic design, photography, making short films, and trying to decode the well-kept secret of how a grown man can squeeze into a pair of skinny jeans (cough, cough Illuminati… cough, cough). He’s an Alamo Drafthouse enthusiast and is lucky enough to have roommates that can get him in for free. He adores coffee, puppies, and Larry David. Sometimes, all at once.

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