The New UPLIFT C-Frame w/ Aluminum Feet Desk!

by Pete A on April 29, 2015

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UPLIFT 900 C-Frame Desk with Aluminum Feet

UPLIFT Desks Get a New Look!

When all is said and done, mankind will look back and marvel at its inventions. The wheel. The printing press. The computer. And now, the UPLIFT C-Frame Desk with Aluminum Feet. This is the latest addition to the UPLIFT family, and while it retains most of the original features of the T-frame UPLIFT Desk, it sports a new and unique design. The frame still has telescoping width and comes standard with the LED memory preset keypad. There is a slight change in the height adjustment as the desk sits a little higher, but only about 3/4″ difference.

The biggest change is seen in the off-setting of the legs toward the back part of the desk, creating a “C” shape. This allows for more possibilities when mounting accessories, without affecting the overall stability. This means you can mount a slightly longer keyboard tray track (about 14″ on a 30″ deep top) while still keeping the crossbars connected. You can also mount a CPU track on the inside of the leg, rather than the outside for easier access and increased leg space. If you are looking to add many of the great UPLIFT accessories to your configuration, this may be the desk for you.

Another highlight of the the C-Frame is the molding of the newly formed feet made with 100% aluminum. This slick new design is not without purpose, as the new lightweight frame construction lowers the overall impact of shipping and manufacturing. The Human Solution strives to provide more environmentally-friendly, sustainable products that benefit both your health and the environment.

If you have any questions, or you like to order your own UPLIFT 900 C-Frame desk, feel free to call and chat with us at 1-800-531-3746!

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