The UPLIFT Height-Adjustable Standing Desk Frame: An Investment in Your Future

by Will M on September 11, 2015

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UPLIFT Height Adjustable Standing Desk Frame - 2-Leg With its telescoping width frame, the UPLIFT Desk base is an investment that will continue paying off as you move up in the world and upgrade your desktop accordingly.

If you’ve been looking into purchasing a standing desk on a budget, you probably already know that it’s a bit of investment. Even though we’ve warned you about the dangers of sitting all day and extolled the benefits of periodically standing at your computer, it still may not be enough to get you to make the plunge and get that 80” mesquite top UPLIFT Desk with the bark line edge. While UPLIFT offers plenty of value-priced laminate sit-stand desk options, you still hold out hope you’ll one day be able to have that beautiful solid wood desk.

Right now, however, you just want something you can throw that discarded piece of particle board you’ve got lying around (that you’re not quite sure where it came from) on top of so you can make your tiny secondhand laptop go up to a standing position. Lucky for you, there’s the UPLIFT Height Adjustable Standing Desk Frame, with individually-motorized legs and a telescoping crossbar that you can attach to almost any desktop, anywhere from 26″ to 96″ wide and 24″ to 40″ deep. You’re not going to be in that tiny efficiency apartment forever, you’re going places! You want something that will move and grow with you as you climb up the social ladder.

In no time at all, you’ve got a real job! You’re now able to move to a bigger, better place, and with your new digs – and a salary that can afford such heretofore unheard-of luxuries as non-pre-owned furniture – it’s time to take a trip to that middle class Mecca of reasonably-priced, strangely-named furniture, IKEA. Now you’ve got yourself a real, honest-to-goodness desktop on which to place your shiny new computer, and your UPLIFT Desk frame is still there to complete your new, professional workstation. The modern design of your UPLIFT base makes the transition from functional to professional seamless.

Ron Burgundy Congratulations! Your UPLIFT Desk now smells of rich mahogany. (Photo: DreamWorks Pictures)

Flash forward to a few years down the road. You’ve just made the leap to Lead Anchor at the local news station, and you’re ready to enshrine your apartment in rich mahogany to go with your many leather-bound books. Of course, your UPLIFT base was tested for 20,000 cycles, so it’s still going strong, and can still handle up to 355 pounds on its sturdy frame. Go ahead, attach a heavy, custom-made, real wood desktop – your UPLIFT legs can take it. Or add a third leg to beef the weight capacity up to 530 pounds and put a large L-shaped desktop on top for a corner desk.

Now, in the twilight of your years, you’ve reached your eccentric, filthy rich phase. You make the perilous trek to the South Atlantic to harvest rare and endangered St. Helena Gumwood. You want to prominently and garishly display your new acquisition, and making it travel up and down at 1.5 inches per second is a great way to achieve this. Your old friend UPLIFT (or Benson, as you’ve for some unknown reason taken to calling him) is there with you for your every whim.

But alas, two legs are not enough for you! Everyone’s height adjustable desk has two legs these days. Nay, you need four legs to properly lord your desk over everyone. A simple four-leg conversion kit gives you the tools you need to create the quadruped beast of your dreams.

So yes, a height-adjustable desk is an investment. But it is an investment that will pay out huge dividends – a longer, healthier life that will keep you going well into your senile phase filled with long talks with Benson about the crazy times you’ve had together. So, if you’re not quite ready for that phase just yet, but want to get a leg up on the health and energy level benefits a sit-stand desk can provide, it’s time pick up an UPLIFT desk frame and start investing in your future.

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Written by Will M

Will M

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