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What is ergonomics?
Ergonomics makes offices and work environments more comfortable and productive.  Ergonomics is primarily concerned with designing a job to the capabilities of a person; instead of making the person conform to the job.  Ergonomics helps eliminate tasks that require awkward postures, high forces, and/or high frequency motions.

Most modern workplaces require workers to stay in a single position and repeat small actions thousands of times during a single day.  While these actions may not be immediately impactful to the body, the total sum of their impact over longer durations can cause stress, and strain, leading to discomfort and cumulative injury.  Ergonomic products consider the natural mechanics of human physiological systems, thus reducing the impact of each individual action.

What You’ll Find Here
We will provide news and reviews on ergonomic products, including ergonomic chairs, ergonomic mice, keyboard trays, standing desks, and monitor arms.  We’ll also offer you tips on how to make your workplace more ergonomic and commentary on the latest ergonomic studies and trends.

We’re also here to answer your questions!  Got a question or an idea for a blog?  Email us at info@thehumansolution.com.

Who We Are
We are The Human Solution, the leading online ergonomic furniture and accessory store.  Our blog is written and edited by our team of ergonomic experts who have been trained on how to offer the best and most up-to-date information and recommendations.

The Human Solution Ergonomics Blog was created by Jon Paulsen, MS, CPE. Jon received his Certified Professional Ergonomist certificate from The Board of Certification in Professional Ergonomics, Inc.  Jon has worked for more than a decade to find the best ergonomic products and methods to share with readers around the world.